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The Historian

Chris Hagerman, Ph.D.

Historian, educator, and your consulting professor

With 20 years experience in higher education at large institutions and small, in Canada and the USA, I have the skills, knowledge, and passion to help you realize your academic potential and professional goals.  My mission is to provide the finest in personalized on-line instruction and mentorship for those who are serious about their education and personal growth. No matter your challenge, I've seen it before. Whether you are a high-school student worried about success at college, a graduate student with no help to prepare for comps, or a freshly minted Ph.D. about to take up your first faculty position, I can help.   

Perfect for: 

  • secondary students interested in college/university preparation
  •  success-oriented undergrads poorly served by large institutions
  •  graduate students neglected by their advisors
  •  new faculty who want non-judgmental support with teaching and/or publishing
  • international students wanting insight into the North American system of higher education
  • educators wanting to incorporate authentic research-based activities into their pedagogy

The Professor is temporarily on hiatus.  Feel free to go ahead and get in touch via the contact button above or email button below - but there might be a short delay in response.

The Professor's Blog


Dr. Hagerman has been a tremendous help to my growth as a professional historian. As an undergraduate, my reading, writing, and critical thinking skills benefited greatly under his tutelage. As a graduate student, I sought his advice on navigating through academic requirements, research presentations, and postgraduate career opportunities. I would highly recommend his services, as I have been fortunate to see the successes born of working alongside such a knowledgeable and passionate professor.
— Chris B., MA
Hiring the Consulting Professor was money well spent. Within two weeks of hiring Chris to help me with my academic job applications, I had an interview! Although I think my job application before consulting with Chris was solid, Chris made it stand out—and that’s what you need in today’s competitive job market. Chris had quick turn-around with the review of my documents and his feedback was always insightful. I have learned a great deal from working with Chris about the academic search process and am confident that I will transfer this knowledge into a job soon!
— Julie C., Ph.D. Candidate
Dr. Hagerman helped me discover my own original research question and exposed me to primary sources. The result was a learning environment which prepared me for graduate-level study.
— Salaina C, BA
When I started my academic career, I thought I knew how to write well. But it wasn’t until after working with Chris Hagerman that my writing really took shape. He made me work for it, treating my work professionally and reviewing it honestly. I am far more confident in my writing and research abilities after working with Chris.
— Shelby F. BA
I was very fortunate to have Dr. Hagerman as my adviser while pursuing my BA. Like many honor roll students, I thought I’d skate through college on my talents. My first classes and meetings with Dr. Hagerman soon disabused me of these notions. Dr. Hagerman’s personal teaching style was exactly what I needed to improve my own shortfalls and reevaluate what it meant to be a historian. Whether it’s teaching you how to navigate byzantine application processes or encouraging you to start taking foreign languages seriously, Dr. Hagerman has all the know-how that a student would need to advance his or her career. I’m confident I would never have gotten into my MA program without Dr. Hagerman’s support, and I could not recommend him more highly.
— Justin D., MA
I contacted Chris to prepare a dossier for academic job applications in education. The feedback Chris provided struck a balance between pushing me to clarify my ideas and improve my writing and supporting me throughout the process. Chris was an utmost professional in his communication and approach to working through each of my documents, making working with Chris easy, efficient, and even fun. I have recommended Chris to my colleagues and strongly recommend working with him when applying for academic positions.
— Josh R., Ph.D. Candidate

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