As a boy I was such a history geek that when my mom took me to see the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, I wheedled my way into side-trips to the War Museum and the Canadian Aviation Museum.  Indeed, my favoured school trip was a museum - any museum - and my favourite unit in social studies was 'Remembrance Day'. I was fascinated with the past: knights, castles, Romans, classic aircraft, vikings, sailing-ships, the Western Front, the Battle of Britain. I built models, devoured books, and soaked up movies on all things historical - even the made-up histories of Middle Earth and Dune and a certain galaxy far, far away.    

Little wonder that I grew up to be a historian with advanced degrees in Classical Archaeology (MA, University of British Columbia) and History (Ph.D., University of Toronto).  My studies and research have taken me to digs in Greece, First World War battlefields in France and Belgium, and archives and museums in London and Ottawa.  For more than a decade I was a professor in the history department at Albion College in Michigan. There I built an award-winning teaching practice rooted in student-centered learning that emphasized authentic research activities and the digital humanities.  I also maintained an active research agenda, the high point of which was publishing my monograph (Britain's Imperial Muse) with Palgrave Macmillan in 2013.  [My CV]

In 2015, my spouse was offered a professorship at the University of Ottawa. It was her dream job and in one of our dream locations to boot, so I gave up my tenure, said good-bye to my wonderful colleagues and students and returned with my family to Canada.  After a year as Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa, I decided to offer my services freelance, while keeping a hand in the familiar world of post-secondary teaching, first at Carleton University in Ottawa and now at St. Lawrence University in NY.   Like the character from whom I've adapted the name, my mission is to put the skills and knowledge I've acquired through decades of study and experience to work for others.  In my case that means serving students and new faculty who want personalized support designed to help them reach their academic and professional goals.  I also offer consulting services in research, training, and team-building to corporations.   

When I'm not teaching or consulting, I enjoy writing, reading, messing around in small boats, telemark skiing, playing shinny, and carrying on with whatever research project has my attention at the moment.  Unless, of course, my daughters want to get out the Lego or fire up the PS4 - then I'll be with them.