Q: Why should I pay you for a service that is already provided by my college/university?

A: In short, if your present institution had met your needs, then you wouldn't be here.  Many colleges and universities don't provide much in the way of individualized attention and support for struggling undergraduates or those keen for more of a challenge; and what they do provide rarely comes from Professors. Even graduate supervision is wildly uneven, ranging from superb to negligent.  My experience and success within higher education institution make me the perfect person to redress those shortcomings for those who want to make the most of their education.  

Q: Do you write papers/essays?

A: No. We provide one-on-one guidance through the writing process. This includes reading and providing detailed feedback on drafts to help you improve the end product, but does not include facilitating academic dishonesty.


Q: Do you guarantee good/better grades?

A: No. That said, better grades usually follow from our interventions - providing clients take our sessions and suggestions seriously and put in the necessary work on their own.


Q: What format do consultations take?

A: Under most circumstances consultations take place via one of the common video-conferencing platforms (Google Hangout, Facetime, Skype).  Documents will be shared via email attachment or Google Docs as circumstances require.


Q: What are your hours?

A: My hours are extremely flexible.  I'm on Eastern Standard Time and will make appointments any time between 5AM and Midnight (EST) 7 days a week.  N.b. there will be occasional black-out times, but I will do my utmost to accommodate your schedule.


Q: Are you available for emergency/last minute consultations outside of regular hours?

A: Yes, but rates are higher [$150 - 200/hour] for appointments made with less than 24 hours notice and/or outside of my regular hours.


Q: What's the best way to contact you for an emergency consultation?

A: Email, unless you have already worked with me, in which case you will be able to text me directly.


Q: What if I'm not sure I need/want your services but want to learn more? 

A: Email me for a free 30 minute consultation to assess the potential for a mutually beneficial working relationship.  


Q: How do I set up a consultation/appointment? 

A: You can email me directly and I'll send you a link for payment once we settle on terms.  Or, you can purchase directly from the Services or Purchases page, after which you will get an email to schedule our meeting.


Q: What if I have to cancel a consultation/appointment?

A: Just let me know and we will reschedule the appointment.  Failure to notify me may result in cancellation of the consultation/appointment.